Facility Revenue: Will Athlete Salaries Be Based On Biometric Data?

April 26, 2018

  1. Is it ethical?

  2. If so, how will it change the business structure for athletes?

  3. Will managers negotiate salaries, royalties, etc based on use of biometric data?

  4. Will athletes retain ownership of their data or will teams mandate unlimited use?

Biometric technology is dominating advancements in injury prevention and recovery, high performance, and extending athlete longevity. We're tracking everything under the guise of maximizing individual potential, but, given enough data, will the knowledge be used at the negotiating table?


The American Journal of Bioethics states the present landscape of biometric data collection and interpretation is widely unregulated and unexamined. This is completely open space for precedence to be set, which will ultimately be linked to the interest of the organization or the interest and monetization of the individual athlete.


As athletes retain ownership of their personal brand and maximize their earning potential, certainly it would be in their best interest to keep biometric data as their own asset. Equally, as owners have more access to data and athletes are part of the overall sporting product, it can be argued the teams' ownership can utilize this data when negotiating salaries.

Should biometric data be open access if you're an athlete?

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