Human Performance: A Call To Value More Swimming Variables

April 27, 2018


Arm span: Anthropometrics


Throwing Velocity: Strength


Stroke Length


Stroke Frequency: Kinematics



When researchers and coaches look at a swimmer as a competitive athlete, these variables are consistently valued for investigation and seen to determine what improves swimming performance. 


Research results are consistent to the point of redundancy: a strength and conditioning program increases upper limb strength thereby the ability to produce more force in the stroke; stroke frequency is greater in sprinters and stroke length is important. 


This is where the conversation ends - primarily because we haven't advocated for researching the correct variables for the application stage. The application stage occurs between the coach and the swimmer when discussions regarding why training is occurring and how it's relevant to the collective end goal: dropping time in a race .


A Call To Action: Value These Additional Swimming Variables


Anthropometrics: Angle between the Acromium and contralateral Iliac Crest (tip of the shoulder to the opposite top of the hip)


Strength: Latissimus Dorsi strength in the Scapular Plane


Kicking Gait rather than Stroke Length


Kinematics: Acceleration



Jenni Brozena is a sports business leader and international sport scientist specializing in how sport and human performance can build revenue streams and grow industries.




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